Random Box Pattern Generator

CSS3 pattern generator

Click inside the pen to regenerate the pattern. I’m a big fan of subtle patterns so I’m always looking at ways to create a nice scalable background with CSS instead of using images (though sometimes it’s more of a pain than it’s worth). Here’s one such way to create a fairly subtle background out of […]

3D Clouds

3d Clouds interactive

When I first saw this demo I was blown away and it has really opened my eyes to what is possible with CSS3 properties. This was created by Jaume Sanchez Elias – follow him on Twitter.

Responsive Before & After Image Slider

before after image slider resposive

Click and drag the slider below to see the functionality of this effect: The first place I saw this effect was on BlametheMonkey and I loved the way it let you show off before & after picture effects. While there are a number of paid plugins and scripts out there that will let you achieve this […]

Sky Gradients

CSS sky gradients

I saw Chris tweet out this codepen for a pretty cool effect using just CSS3 properties. It’s a fork from this codepen and you can take a look at this one too for slightly different variation of the same effect. I’m  a big fan of using scalable CSS3 elements and gradients as backgrounds since they […]